After a lengthy worldwide tender 7-Eleven recently awarded the roll out of multiple screens across its network of stores to Digital Signage Group. The Sydney based company has been in the digital signage business for over 7 years and beat off stiff local and international competition to be awarded this multi million dollar contract

This project will see 2-3 screens placed in 7-Eleven stores, with the content largely aimed at driving food and beverage sales in the 7-Eleven Munch Zones.

The smart software used by Digital Signage Group links to the 7-Eleven point of sale system and is smart enough to update content remotely seeing what is selling or sometimes what is not selling and needs promotion. This can be helpful when selling perishable food .If for example not all muffins are sold by afternoon the screens can be displayed a special to promote the muffin this increasing sales and reducing wastage.

Digital Signage Managing Director Andrew McIntosh said when asked about being awarded this large network: I am very proud of our team, we know we are not the largest, nor are we the cheapest but I believe our reputation for delivery, accuracy and service is what earnt us the 5 year account. We excited about this new network and the uses 7-Eleven are finding from our solution.