7-Eleven is rapidly growing its network of screens across Australia. Mounted in high visibility locations such as behind the counter and in the coffee zone, the screens are used to promote new products, reinforce specials, and boost the sale of all product categories.

The existing network of 1000+ screens will double in size, uses the latest integrated screen-digital signage software technology, and optimises the display of content on screen via API's linked to the clients data.




Digital Signage Group supplies its digital signage solution to a wide range of retail clients all with their own needs and desired outcomes.

Billabong has used Digital Signage Group to help them communicate with their in store shoppers.

The screens have a multiple purposes and each screen its located in a diffrent zone of the store. i.e The screen in the female section only displays female clothing and female athletes aimed at engaging and encouraging purchases to this target demographic. The DSG solution allows each screen to be targeted giving maximum return on investment.


Accor Hotel Group

After a competitive tender process, Australia's leading hotel chain has teamed up with Digital Signage Group to install screens in its foyers and lobbies across its various brands

Accor head office use this visual communication tool to tell its guests about sponsorships, loyalty programs and more. Hotel managers can update screens to communicated F&B promotions, local events and activities, and hotel conferences.

Liquor TV

Liquor TV is a network of screens located in bottle shops across Australia. Brands are using this medium to reinforce their out of home marketing activities and remind shoppers of their selling pionts whilst retailers are using the screens to get shoppers to join their loyalty program or inform them of upcoming events like wine tastings.

To see more of this network go to: http://liquortv.com.au/


If you're a real estate agent and still printing posters for your shop window only to have the property sold or de-listed and repeat the process then maybe you should be talking to REDS (Real Estate Digital Signage) The solution that is not only more eye catching it allows people to see more of the homes via multiple images. This affiliate company is providing solutions to NZ Real Estate agents that are increasing listings for no more than the agents current printing costs.


Looking for a better way to communicate with staff of many different origins Fulton Hogan has taken on the services of DSG affiliate Your work Place to visually communicate with staff. Screens are located in receptions, lunch rooms and work depots and carry messages such as staff profiles, safety reminders, performance targets and more.

Fairfax MEDIA

Fairfax Media turned to Digital Signage Group to help sell more newspapers by rolling out a network of screens to newsagencies in Sydney and Mlebourne

Often mounted into customised newspaper stands, the screens enable Fairfax to instantly update news headlines, promote up-coming weekend magazines and stories, and give them a point of difference at point of sale over competitors.

Your Work Place

Your Work Place is an affiliate of DSG and has operations in Australia and New Zealand. Their core focus is work place communications.

From mines to warehouses, construction sites to assembly lines, employers have been turning to Your Work Place for an effective way to communicate and reinforce OH&S issues and training, business news and performance, and activities and events with their employees. 


Digital Signage Group has become the exclusive supplier of digital signage to Lobby Media in New Zealand. This business has followed the sucess of similar network in the US and Australia by installating screens in large office lobbies. The screens are positioned near the lift and carry news, sport and weather details along with advertising from leading brands trageting this valuable AB demographic.


Cycle Network

The Cycle Network is a network of screens in leading bike shops across Australia. Retailers are using the screens to tell local riders about upcoming rides along with informing them of their bike service offerings. One shop commented. The screens allow us to communicate multiple messages in one footprint and have eliminated all the poster clutter we use to have. 


Media Eye

Following on from the success of this style of network in Australia, DSG has supplied its hardware, software and support services to Media Eye who place screens in advertising agencies across New Zealand

The network is currently under a long-term lease arrangement with the leading New Zealand media company, who use it to communicate their offerings and latest performance results to agencies that use book their media platforms.