Conventional wisdom says that if a campaign delivers the right message to the right people, in the right environment at the right time, success will result. However, determining whether the message and its delivery system has worked or not is rarely easy.

Measuring results often entails poring over sales figures and interviewing viewers/customers both of which can be tedious, time consuming and inaccurate.

An organisation, considering the cost and complexity of a digital signage solution, needs to be assured there is payoff in increased sales, customer experience or both.

Audience measurement solutions provide audience data that can be used to increase the business benefits delivered by digital signage by:

·         Determining the best locations for screens

·         Understanding audience engagement levels

·         Tailoring screen content based on audience characteristics

·         Providing proof of performance metrics for your displays

·         Optimising advertising based on accurate audience measurement data

·         Quantifying ROI and Understanding ROO (Return on Objectives)


Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) can be added to a digital signage solution to provide a comprehensive suite of audience measurement data.

AVA distinguishes how much attention people “spend/invest” in the digital signage experience. Technically speaking, as someone approaches a monitor, cameras focus in, capturing a digitised impression of the viewer. Actual images are not used, thus keeping data anonymous.

Through those impressions, the technology is able to discern

·         total count of individuals

·         how many people look at the screen, and the peak viewing periods

·         how long a person looks at the screen

·         engagement data such as attention, duration time and number of glances

·         what content people look at the most/longest

·         viewer attributes such as gender and age grouping

Data gathered from AVA empowers businesses to make a host of changes in relatively short order, including

·         optimising placement of the screens for maximum exposure

·         optimising the design and scheduling of the content to better get the messages across

·         optimising the scheduling of content across the day/week as well as the various screens in the network

DSG offers a full digital signage solution suite of products including AVA’s, and can not only design and rollout your digital signage implementation, but also analyse and optimise the effectiveness of digital signage in achieving your objectives.