Hotel Digital Signage

Digital Signage is are highly functional communication tool that allows hotels to visually communicate with their guests. Whether the screens are used as a directory board telling guests where they can find facilities or their conference room or a screen behind reception being used to inform guests of special offers, exchange rates or duty manager details the solution is the best means of remotely communicating with your guests.

The primary advantage of digital signage lies in its flexibility to provide up-to-date information to your guests. Screen content can be changed in an instant when required. Got a new promotion, update the screen at no cost with just a few mouse clicks. No printing or design time required.

We can design content templates to your brand specification meaning updating content can be done without any design experience. Simply add an image and text and in seconds you have a new animated promotion on screen.

Hotels are using the our digital signage to communicate the following:

  • Duty Manager details
  • Exchange rates
  • Check out times
  • Food and beverage promotions
  • Breakfast offerings
  • Conference facilities
  • Guest welcome messages
  • Conferencing locations
  • Sponsor and partner messages
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotions for other hotels
  • Stay longer promotions
  • Late check out offers

Content on screen can include date/time information, local weather forecasts, current news/sport/ stock exchange information and screen content can be split to display multiple messages.

Download our hotel Digital Signage Brochure here

Download our Hotel Brochure

Download our Hotel Brochure